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In addition to training and seminar programs, Dr. Patterson has available for sale her recently completed book "The Addiction Supervisor's Toolbox©".
Cost: $65 plus $5 shipping and handling
About the book:

Supervising addiction counselors and those working toward licensure is a great responsibility. It takes work and dedication. This book is designed to help guide you in your journey as a supervisor. It is user friendly and is filled with ideas to implement immediately. Included in the book are many aspects of supervision to consider such as the many roles of a clinical supervisor, the supervision contract, documentation, models of supervision, working with transference and countertransference, clinical evaluation using the 8 domains, and much more. The book offers a variety of forms to utilize. You will also receive an electronic version of the ttachened forms on a USB drive. An added bonus is a list of suggested readings for the Four Foundations of Addiction Counseling and a list of suggested questions in each of the 8 domains to explore with supervisees.

You can purchase this book by contacting Dr. Patterson at

Book Contents:

Table of Contents


About This Book                                                                  

Supervision Competence                                                      

Characteristics of Effective Supervisors                                 

Expanding on qualities of Ideal Supervisors                       

Roles of the Clinical Supervisor                                             

Documentation in Supervision                                          

Appropriate Feedback                                                            

Supervision Notes                                                                 

Documentation and Record Keeping                                      

The Supervision Contract                                                       

Working with Transference and Countertransference            

Models of Clinical Supervision                                           

Supervision and Consultation                                                 

Administrative vs. Clinical Supervision                                 

Competencies of the Addiction Profession Supervisor          

In Summary                                                                             


Assessing Understanding in the Transdisciplinary

Foundations for Addiction Professionals        

                Assessing the Eight Domains of Addiction


SOAP Notes                                                                                         

Process Notes in Supervision Questions                         

Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR) Supervisor

Inquiry Questions                                                                

Exceptions to Confidentiality                                                           

Supervision Evaluation Form                                                           

Supervisee Evaluation of Supervisor Form                    

Clinical Work Hours Verification Log                            

Clinical Supervision Face to Face Hours

                Verification Log                                                  

Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols

for Clinical Charting                                                           

Supervision Contract Template                                        

Clinical Supervision Bibliography                                   

Additional References                                                                        


Plus an added Bonus!


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