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Below is a list and descriptions of some of the seminars and workshop presented by Dr. Patterson. Please visit our Contact Us page if you'd like to schedule a workshop or seminar for your staff, conference or other events. Other topics are available and can be tailored to fit your needs. Dr. Patterson is a NAADAC approved provider number 88736.



Length of Seminar

Cultural Proficiency in Counseling

Tailored to the audience

Cultural Proficiency

This seminar teaches how a person becomes culturally aware and skilled in an increasingly diverse population that we work with. Participants are encouraged to explore personal biases as they participate in group activities.

6 hours or modified for shorter presentations

Sexual Transference and Counter-transference

Appropriate for a variety of audiences

Sexual Transference and Counter transference in Counseling

This workshop is presented to persons in the helping professions to address issues of underlying sexual dynamics between the professional and the client. Through the use of multimedia, participants are able to experience a variety of learning techniques.

Most effective at 6 hours but can be modified to a 3 hour time frame

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Appropriate for Counselors, therapists, nurses, other medical professionals and many other caregivers

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

There is a high rate of burnout in helping professions. This is often due to lack of self-care and not attending to the whole person. The result is increased stress which leads to less self care which leads to burnout. This workshop addresses the whole person in relation to self care, time management, stress reduction, relaxation, boundary setting, and effective role-modeling to the client/patient population. 

1.5 hours to 6 hours, depending on individual needs

Addictions Severity Index

Appropriate for Addictions, Mental Health and Corrections Counselors and others who conduct A&D assessments

Addiction Severity Index
This workshop is presented in a didactic, lecture and experiential format. Each section of the ASI is discussed in detail, including additional probing questions. Additional addiction and mental health information is taught to enrich the learning experience. Practice vignettes are used as a training tool.

6 hours

ASAM Criteria

Appropriate for Addiction, Mental Health and Correctional Counselors

American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria Second Edition Revised (PPC-2R)

The patient placement criteria set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine is taught in a didactic, discussion and experiential format. Levels of care are defined, as well as types of addiction treatment programs. All PPC criteria are discussed and how they translate to an appropriate treatment placement. Practice case examples are used to enhance the learning experience.

6 hours

A No Wrong Door Approach: Co-occurring Disorders Assessment and Treatment

Target Audience is Addictions, Mental Health and Medical Professionals

Dr. Frances Patterson will provide participants with the latest information and evidenced-based approaches for treating co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. The advantages and steps of integrated assessment, including a “no wrong door” approach will be explored. Participants will have the opportunity to consider techniques to identify presenting issues that may indicate a co-occurring or differential diagnosis including medical and personality disorders. Treatment modalities and evidence-based strategies that are available for use in daily practice will be presented, including discussion of assessment challenges that may lead to misdiagnosis.  Ethical implications in practice situations which challenge a clinician’s scope of training will be discussed providing insight into when referral is most appropriate. Participants will leave this seminar with tips and tools that will help to guide clients in preventing relapse and successfully managing recovery from co-occurring disorders. 

6-8 hour training

Spirituality and Recovery

Appropriate for a Variety of Audiences

Spirituality in Recovery
Often spirituality is an aspect of recovery that is overlooked during the treatment process. As a result, many people relapse and continue in spiritual “bankruptcy”. During this workshop, participants explore creative methods to enhance the spiritual aspect of the treatment process.

1.5 to 3 hours

Case Management Boot Camp

Geared toward all Counselors and Case Managers

Case Management Boot Camp
This workshop addresses the core issues surrounding alcohol and drug case management. The differences between this type of case management and others and general principles of case management are taught through lecture, discussion and experiential learning. Areas of case management included are functions, activities and acquisition of resources, among others.

6 hours

Ethics and Culture in the Therapeutic Environment

During this seminar, participants will address difficult and often complex ethical situations that arise when working with clients. Highlighted issues include clarification of personal values, managing dual relationships, confidentiality and technology, cultural humility, physical touch in therapy, living in smaller communities, and confronting sexual attraction. Dr. Frances Patterson will use didactic, electronic media and experiential learning techniques, allowing participants to explore the dangers of ignoring personal feelings and not addressing issues that arise during sessions with clients. Attendees will leave this seminar more confident in their ability to manage difficult ethical situations and the cultural issues that often intersect with them.


8 hours

Humor in Self-care and Recovery
Target Audience is Professionals who work with all client populations
Presentation will be tailored to the audience

Humor in Self-care and Recovery
This workshop takes a look at the value of humor in our daily lives and that of clients. It examines how humor has been utilized throughout the recent history of psychotherapy and counseling. This is a fun and interactive workshop.

1.5 to 3 hours

Substance Abuse and Dentistry

Designed for Dental Hygienists, Dentists, Dental Assistants 

Substance Abuse and Dentistry
Providing information to dental professionals on the disease of addiction, signs and symptoms of use and referral information is critical to their every day work. Also discussed in detail during this presentation are the devastating affects of Methamphetamine.

1.5 to 3 hours


Appropriate for Anyone who interacts with the public as part of their job

Using Dialogue to Enhance Communication
Working with Dialogue techniques to more effective communicate with others during professional interactions is the focus of this seminar. Skills taught include reflective listening, utilizing the ladder of inference and the prison of perception.

2 to 8 hours

But They are Too Young to Use Alcohol

Designed for Teachers, Prevention and School Counselors, Others who work with children

But They are Too Young to Use Alcohol
Many children are exposed to and begin to use drugs and alcohol at a very early age. This workshop teaches identification of issues. It also helps participants re-think what is involved in effective prevention.

1.5 to 3 hours

What a Meth

Appropriate for Medical social workers, medical professionals, mental health professionals

What a Meth We Have Here
This workshop is designed to present medical and behavioral health staff information to increase their knowledge of methamphetamine abuse, dependence and treatment. Physical, as well as, mental consequences are addressed.

1.5 to 3 hours

Intervention and Referral

Designed for Pastors, Ministers, Pastoral Staff

Intervention and Referral
Many pastors are confronted with addiction and mental health issues in their daily interaction with church members and families. This workshop teaches the basics of intervening effectively and making referrals to treatment or counseling.

1 to 3 hours

Pharmacology and Medical Aspects of Addiction
Appropriate for Counselors in training, Licensed Counselors and Therapists working in addictions

Pharmocology and Medical Aspects of Addiction
This seminar examines the pharmacology of drugs of abuse, how drugs of abuse work in the body and the resulting medical problems from each drug. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the effects of drugs on the body and the brain. 

6 to 8 hours

Motivational Interviewing Techniques in Counseling

Appropriate for counselors, therapists, case managers, and can be tailored for anyone who works with clientele.

Motivational Interviewing
When working with clients, it is often difficult due to what is perceived as resistance or non-compliance. Use of motivational techniques can help to meet clients "where they are" and facilitate their moving through the stages of change. This workshop teaches professionals effective use of these techniques in their daily work.

6 hours
May be modified for shorter presentations

Putting Ethics into Practice

Behavioral Health Professionals

Putting Ethics into Practice
If you are looking for the run of the mill, boring ethics seminar, this is not for you. During this seminar participants are asked to explore their own values and beliefs, challenge themselves with ethical dilemmas, and participatee in thought provoking discussion. Didactic, experiential and multimedia formats are used during this energizing seminar.

6 hours. May be modified to fit indiviual needs.

Clinical Supervision for
Behavioral Health Professionals

Clinical Supervision for Behavioral Health Professionals

Clinical supervision is a critical component to providing quality client care. In this training, supervisors, or those striving to be supervisors, will gain information regarding critical issues in providing clinical supervision. Discussion includes vicarious liability, managing interpersonal issues, cultural issues and self care for the supervisor and supervisee.

Initial basic training is 6 hours. Advanced training can be modified to fit individual, conference or agency needs.

Mental Health First Aid
Adult version
Older Adult Version
First Responder version

MHFA can be compared to First Aid for medical problems. It is offering help to a person who is developing a mental health problem or is in a mental health crisis. It is given until appropriate treatment or support is received or the crisis is resolved. This 8 hour course trains mental health first aiders how to offer appropriate help before professional help arrives. Participants are taught to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use problems. Through the use of a mental health action plan, the mental health first aider is able to assist a person in obtaining help. This course is intended for anyone who is not a professional in mental health or addictions counseling.

8 hour course that can be done in one day or over 2 days. Available to community organizations, companies, etc.


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